How does the NIRA bulb compare to natural sunlight?

Your body was designed to benefit from nature's light. Visible-only lighting, an indoor LED-saturated lifestyle and coated windows that block the near-infrared spectrum for energy efficiency are radically depriving your body of sunlight, which is a vital stimulus to the human body.

This means that roughly 80% of the solar spectrum is being eliminated from your life.

NIRA lighting goes beyond the surface.

The near-infrared spectrum uniquely penetrates more than an inch beneath your skin’s surface to interact with cells in your muscles, skin, hormonal glands, brain, and your eyes1,2.

Near-infrared energy even reaches your bones3.

Typical, visible-only LEDs just include the visible spectrum and penetrate only 1 micron below your skin’s surface (For reference, a human hair is 50 microns wide).

When near-infrared energy is absorbed by your body, it causes the release of nitric oxide compounds that increase blood flow and remove toxic waste4,5, as well as providing other benefits.