Light is all around us. Now is the time to look at lighting more like a nutrient for your body instead of merely a means to illuminate your space1.

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The light you need is more than the light you see.

Your body absorbs invisible near-infrared energy from natural sunlight to repair2, protect3 and detox4 your cells. Currently, near-infrared energy is absent from most other lighting on the market.

Thanks to the NIRA bulb and its patent pending design, our team has combined the benefits of natural sunlight with the energy savings of visible-only LED technology, all in one bulb.

The NIRA bulb provides light that supports a healthier indoor environment.

What's in your light?

NIRA near-infrared enhanced LED lighting is the first and ONLY energy efficient LED light that contains the invisible spectrum of near-infrared energy your body needs.5


We do things differently.

Only your eyes have been taking advantage of artificial light. Now it’s your body’s turn.

Research has shown that roughly 90% of our time is spent under artificial lighting, which is devoid of beneficial near-infrared energy. On a daily basis, your body is missing out on absorbing near-infrared energy that promotes healing and suppresses inflammation6.

The NIRA bulb, rich in near-infrared energy, is the first and only energy efficient LED that gives your body what it needs instead of only what your eyes can see.

The full picture about full spectrum.

Light is more than meets the eye. It’s both visible and invisible.

Your eyes see only visible light, which is just a small portion of the total light spectrum that we are exposed to in natural sunlight.

Your body absorbs invisible near-infrared energy found in sunlight and converts it into ATP7, the energy that your body needs to thrive8.

NIRA near-infrared enhanced LED lighting provides the benefits of the near-infrared spectrum without sacrificing the energy efficiency of typical, visible-only LEDs.

Don’t be fooled by “full spectrum” lights on the market. Those lights only contain the full visible spectrum without providing your body with the benefits found in the invisible near-infrared spectrum. We think that you deserve more from your lighting.


Are you tired of lazy lights? So are we.

Traditional LED bulbs don’t provide the invisible light present in natural sunlight, so we designed one that does.

When fluorescent and LED lights were introduced to deliver much needed energy efficiency, the invisible near-infrared spectrum was not included. At the time, the positive health benefits of near-infrared energy were largely unknown.

Emerging research suggests that lack of certain sunlight characteristics could be linked to health problems.

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Who knew I needed Near-Infrared energy? Before I found the NIRA bulb, I had no idea what Near-infrared energy even was! Now that I know, I will never go back to visible-only LEDs!

Lukas H. -Professor of Health Sciences


This technology is absolutely incredible! I appreciate the science behind the NIRA bulb as well as the benefits this product gives to my living space, home office, and my body.

Kate C. -Health Coach


NIRA is my new favorite type of light! Why would I put visible-only LEDs in my home when I can get so many more benefits by using NIRA Near-Infrared Enhanced LEDs?

Angela F. -Stay-at-Home Mom



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